Module One

To begin, we will be taking a look into Disney’s decision to restructure their company. The company feels as though they need better ways to connect with consumers around the world, hence the introduction of a branded streaming service. Obviously, a decision this big was carefully planned out and analyzed by the heads at Disney. First, a problem must have been identified, in this case we will speculate that the market had began to shift away from their current branding efforts. Next, the company needed to research and develop potential solutions. With the ever rising success of streaming services around the world, Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go, it became apparent to Disney that they could also enter the world of streaming services.

Thus, the decision was made for Disney to begin configuring a service of their own, a way to congregate all of Disney’s history, as well as the future, into one place. Although this service has not been named it will surely make waves around the streaming community. This kind of thought process represented by Disney is nothing short of genius, being able to identify the successful market all while tailoring your own services to fit the criteria is truly remarkable. The plan the company has decided upon will not only be easily marketable, considering the amount of Disney content that exists, but it will allow Disney to expand its reach further than that of Disney Land or toys. Disney has already taken over the toy and movie industry, with that amount of success already under their belt, who’s to say they won’t take over the streaming industry as well.


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